How to Get a Website for Your Business as Quickly as Possible
What Do You Need?

Everyone’s busy these days, and getting a website for your business is a difficult thing to checked off your To Do list. Or, your website is out of date, and you never have time to maintain it. Both of these are extremely common problems!

Getting a website entails a couple necessary pieces:

  1. Get a website address (aka domain name or URL) for your website
  2. Put up your info on a website that’s connected to that address

This article will show you generally how it works, and show you how you can get it done in literally 10 minutes with SiteYard.

Let’s Get Started

There are lots of ways to get a website address. Depending on the tools you want to use to build your site, you can either get a website address through a website builder, or you can find your own through some other independent source (think GoDaddy, etc.).

SiteYard was designed to get you a website as directly as possible, so getting a website address is literally step number one. You can pick your own custom one (as long as someone else isn’t using it already), or you can just use a free one that SiteYard can pick for you.

When you pick a website address, try and pick something that is unique to your business. That way it’s easy to remember, and people can easily type it into Google or wherever. For example,

Hook It Up

Now the tricky part. If you bought your domain through an independent service like GoDaddy or NameCheap, you’re going to need to hook it up manually to whatever tool you’re building your website with. These days everyone has website builders, so you can use their internal builders as well, too.

Hooking it up manually entails pointing your address to the physical computers that your content is stored on. Think of a phone book, where instead of looking up a person’s name, you look up a website address, and you get the physical address where the website is living. When people type in your website address, the “phone book” provides your website content to them on their computer.

With SiteYard, all this is taken care of under the hood. As soon as you’ve selected a website address, the next page that loads is the editing page to enter your content. Your content can include your business’ name, location, photos, testimonials, etc. These are all important pieces that make up a well-built website for your business!

As soon as you press “Save”, your website setup is complete! The whole process could take you about 10 minutes, start to finish 😀

Wrapping It Up

When you’ve got your website address and some content, and people can access it online through their phones or computers, you’re all done! For the moment… Maintenance is a thing, and every website builder does it differently. SiteYard makes sure you don’t ever have to do any technical maintenance on your website. You may, however, wish to add recent testimonials, etc over time, so that your website makes it look like your business is active and doing well.

In summary, building a website can be complicated, but it can also be easy. SiteYard was designed to make it as easy as possible. You can get it done in 10 minutes, no joke, with zero technical knowledge going into it. Best of luck out there!

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